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During the course of 2017, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have become the talk of the world. From the drastic rise of Bitcoin’s value to various big technology players making moves in blockchain.

In addition, World Crypto Gold (WCG) has introduced its official website enabling investor to make transaction and receive latest news updates. Furthermore, WCG will expect to launch its WCG wallet (WCG Trader) app, along with CTM around Asia very soon. With these updates and progresses, it is safe to say that WCG is now leaning towards a healthy direction and will further explore additional blockchain uses in the business.

Furthermore, government bodies are also collaborating on the many potential benefits of blockchain, and bold entrepreneurs are thinking about how the tech can be used as the basis for new smartphones and apps.

Even the recent frenzied nature of bitcoin which has stunned the investment community can’t disrupt the ongoing progress of blockchain.

While the journey of blockchain technology is still moving forward, let’s look ahead at what we can expect to see unfolding in 2018:

Asia and the Middle East will aggressively push blockchain

Interest in blockchain continues to be very high in Asia and the Middle East, where some of the largest banking institutions are forging ahead with blockchain projects or service offerings, particularly in payments. Thus, WCG aims to promote all of its CTMs and apps across border enabling its user from all over the world to gain access conveniently.

Cybersecurity will amplify blockchain adoption

With the rise of ransomware attacks demanding cryptocurrencies, blockchain and IoT cybersecurity will emerge with defences based on cryptocurrency technologies.

While this may sound fantastical and futuristic, the emergence of blockchain cybersecurity tools may be the next big thing in blockchain. With major breaches such as Equifax proving that companies generally cannot safeguard current identity data systems, the need for a more secure blockchain-based identity approach, in which no one holds all the keys, will emerge.

ICOs will take off

There was a seismic jump in ICOs in 2017, and the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies has expanded in a huge way. In the next year, the pace of ICOs will grow significantly faster, and will overtake venture capital funding.

Finance and insurance will go all in

The insurance and finance sectors are two of the most likely to experience deep, and threatening, disruption from blockchain technology.

Insurance will emerge as a hot area as claims processing and complex multi-party processes like subrogation will show the business value of blockchain-based automation.

Automation, privatization are coming

Blockchain will drive digital transformation of the enterprise specifically with automation, digitization of processes, tokenization of physical assets and activities and codification of complex contracts.

In addition, governance issues will continue to plague crypto currencies such as bitcoin as well as WCG and other alt-coins as new challenge emerges. This will drive enterprises to “private” blockchains but will not slow down the growth of core cryptocurrencies.

In contrast with the constant advancement of blockchain technologies, World Crypto Gold (WCG) will take this opportunity to further enhance and improvise to make significant progress.
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