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Attention On Fake WCGACC Websites!
Important Notice

WCG Blockchain Node Notice

To log in to the blockchain node when traffic is congested , log in using Balancer


The following is WCG  node:


The following is WCG light client node:


The following are detailed descriptions of various login ports:



Responsible for linking nodes and moving traffic to the least busy nodes.


Node Login: Connects directly to the node

Nodes have a blockchain. It can be blockchain synchronised and can be forged.


Light client linkage: many nodes behind

There is no blockchain in light client node, and cannot be synchronised or forged by itself, makes it able to log in faster. It is the node behind the connection, and the transfer of WCG and other features are all done by the node behind connection. The information needed is supplied by the nodes it connects to. Because it doesn’t have a blockchain and can’t obtain information on its own, it has to obtain data from other nodes.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused, thank you for your continuous uses and supports.

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