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Attention On Fake WCGACC Websites!
Important Notice

Important Notice

Set Up Mandatory Approval Account Control Important Key Points 

Dear Users,

Please be reminded of two (2) key points when you are setting up Mandatory Approval Account Control:


1st Key Point:

Do not simply amend the amount in first column “Number of Accounts”.

This number indicates how many accounts are required for your transaction transfer to approve. All subsequent transactions will be mandatory approved (phased) according to whatever is set below. Once set, this account control can only be removed with the approval of the accounts/stakeholders set below.

So, please be ALERT when set the number of accounts to prevent your asset from discarded.  


2nd Key Point:

WCGACC address must be inserted in second column “Account (Whitelist)”.

***Make sure WCGACC address inserted is NOT from platform or WCGTRADER, ONLY the WCGACC address from WCG Blockchain is accepted to set as approval account.  

***Make sure you REMEMBER the private key of the approval account.

Once completed, your transaction need to be confirmed by this WCGACC account.

So, please be ALERT when set the Mandatory Approval Account to prevent your asset from discarded. 


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