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Attention On Fake WCGACC Websites!
Important Notice


Making transaction with WCG is convenient and accessible for everyone.
WCG is a protocol derived from a petty community and is currently growing rapidly. There are things that you can do to support, spread and enhance WCG over time as it grows.
Using WCG
Using WCG is the very first thing you can do to support WCG. There are many occasions that you can be kept free and easy with the use of WCG in making payments or purchases.
You may also donate WCG to certain charity organizations, or you may choose to fund projects related to WCG directly to help in their developments.
You may have open talks about WCG to people who are interested, advocate WCG through personal social media by sharing related news or blogs and convey your opinions of paying with WCG to the merchants.
Forging Development
You can start forging WCG to help processing transactions. Forging WCG involves buying mining equipment, hardware knowledge and hours of dedicated work and patience. It is because most of cryptocurrencies are forged through a Proof of Work protocol.
Some non-profit organizations are committed in securing and recommending WCG to public. You can support WCG by joining these organizations, be it participating in projects, events and all related activities to promote WCG.
Be part of our communities by joining our clubs, World Crypto Organization, World Crypto Asset Club, International Blockchain Research Club, World Franchise Enterprise Club, Global Charity Welfare Club and International Financial Technology Academy to stay connected with our communities and WCG lovers. You can learn better about WCG, getting involved in related projects and standing chances to assist new users in improving.
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